NHS Heroes is an online website which specializes in pain medication and all the medications which are referenced by this site are distributed by HR Healthcare Limited, Britannia Way, Bolton and UK. The NHS Heroes website is not specifically a pharmacy though it has drugs but a getaway to a pharmacy and also registered doctors. The motto of this website is to provide a healthy living condition to every citizen by offering the best medication to their clients.

The payments of the drugs offered are not usually processed by the site, they only offer prescriptions and payments are done to the pharmacy partners who are regulated by the EU regarding the online drug prescription. The NHS Heroes has staffs that are fully trained to be able to prescribe medication to their clients by examining any complications that the patient has done and the different body reactions to protect every patient.

When you login to this website there is a process on how to get your prescription where you start with the consultation, then you are passed to the prescription site where you state all your medical details with an approved pharmacy so that they know what medication to give to you. The EU doctors give you a health questionnaire where they are able to review your medical condition before being passed on to purchase your prescribed medication.

The UK pharmacy will then ensure that you get your medication well packed in the quickest time ever. The pharmacy provides branded medications that are approved by the health department hence are safe to be used by their patients. The online treatment may not be fully advised for major conditions since a face-to-face consultation is better where there is direct examination but the online treatment is preferred when you need a pain relief to help ease the pain before you receive the major treatment.

This website also offers all kind of medical prescription either on the best medication for you, the best medical insurance for you and also the medical share-of-cost. It is therefore a free medical site where you could ask all questions concerning any medical issues one may have since their major aim is to serve their clients to their very best. They also try to be more considerate on their prices so that they fit for every user where they try to get one of the best prices on the prescriptions they have.

The NHS Heroes are reliable where once you prescribe medicine for you get a patient’s portal where to can communicate with them concerning the medication they have given you. They also have an active email address, postal address and phone numbers which you can use to contact them in case of any problem. In this case you can ask questions concerning the reaction of the medication to your body and may give you a way forward in case you experience some complications later. This is efficient since the next time you may want some medical attention they will have a vivid history of your medication therefore making it easy for them to be able to prescribe some medication for you easily.

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