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Solpadol is one of the most potent pain relievers available in the market. Like other painkillers, it’s mainly composed of codeine and paracetamol. The paracetamol intercepts pain signals before they reach the brain. The codeine then plunges into action to completely eliminate the signals. These two ingredients work really good together that’s why many painkillers contain a mixture of them.

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What is Solpadol?

Solpadol is one of the most potent pain relievers available in the market. Like other painkillers, it’s mainly composed of codeine and paracetamol. The paracetamol intercepts pain signals before they reach the brain. The codeine then plunges into action to completely eliminate the signals. These two ingredients work really good together that’s why many painkillers contain a mixture of them.

Solpadol is prescribed to treat severe types of pain. Pain caused by migraine, muscular, joint, and bone pain, muscle and bone injuries, surgical procedures, and a lot more cases are treated with Solpadol. This drug is necessary if all other painkillers fail to relieve or regulate the pain in patients.

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How to Take Solpadol:

It’s highly advised to take Solpadol on a full stomach. Solpadol usually comes in an effervescent tablet which should be dissolved in 120ml of water for intake. When it completely dissolves, the patient should immediately drink it. It should be taken on a single dose only and at least 4 hours should have passed in between intake. If the patient missed taking the medicine on time, the patient should take the dose right away and just adjust the time for the next intake.



Solpadol 30/500mg contains 30mg of codeine and 500mg of paracetamol. The effervescent tablet package comes in packets of 32pcs, 100pcs, and 232pcs.
Adults can take a maximum of 8 tablets per day, with 2 tablets per intake or as prescribed by the doctor. Children of 12-18 years of age can also take the medication but with strict adherence to the pediatrician’s prescription.

The medicine should not be taken in excess of 3 days. If pain still persists, the patient should immediately seek the advice of the prescribing doctor.

Pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking in Solpadol. It’s strongly advised to avoid drinking alcohol while on medication. Driving should also be avoided since Solpadol can induce sleepiness or dizziness.

Drug addiction can happen if Solpadol is ingested beyond the prescribed amount. Solpadol contains codeine which is an addictive drug strictly administered by prescription only.

Solpadol Uses:

Solpadol is a fast working, powerful painkiller that is effective on treating the following medium to severe pain:

Solpadol for tooth pain

Solpadol for fibromyalgia

Solpadol for muscle pain

Solpadol for migraine

Solpadol for arthritis

Solpadol for back pain


Frequently Asked Questions About Solpadol (FAQ):

How strong is Solpadol?

Solpadol contains paracetamol and codeine making it a powerful painkiller and more effective than medication only containing paracetamol.

How long does Solpadol last?

The pain relief from Solpadol should last from 4 to 6 hours.

How addictive is Solpadol?

Due to the inclusion of codeine in Solpadol it can become addictive. Codeine is an opiate based medication which releases endorphins and stimulates the pleasure centre of the brain. This effect can lead to dependency and addiction.

What does Solpadol do?

The paracetamol is a widely used, general painkiller that is effective in treating mild to moderate pain. The addition of codeine makes the medication stronger. Codeine is an opiate based drug that effectively blocks pain signals from reaching the central nervous system thereby reducing the physical feeling of pain.  Codeine also works on the pleasure receptors of the brain, producing endorphins which result in mild euphoria and a reduced feeling of pain.

Which is stronger Codeine or solpadol?

Solpadol contains codeine so the same dosage in either tablet will have the same effect although the combination of paracetamol, an effective painkiller, will make Solpadol more effective.




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100 Caplets, 200 Caplets

Side effects

Side effects of Solpadol

Commonly known side effects include nausea, constipation, vomiting, confusion, drowsiness, headache, rashes, itching, respiratory depression, hypotension, dry mouth, urinary retention, sweating, flushing, changes in mood, pin-point pupils, hallucinations, blurred vision, convulsion, impotence, change in heart rate, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and drug dependence if used for long periods of time.

The side effects listed above are still partial as some patients can exhibit symptoms not listed above. You can consult your doctor for a complete list of possible side effects. Drug side effects vary from patient to patient and should not be the sole reason in determining medical administration. If you experience any side effects mentioned above, immediately contact your doctor to seek medical attention.


The common side effects include:

  • Constipation
  • Sleepiness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Bruising
  • Reddening of the skin
  • Rash


Severe side effects include:

  • Asthma
  • Bulging of feet
  • Bulging of hands
  • Bulging of lips
  • Bulging of throat
  • Bulging of face
  • Addiction to codeine


Is It Possible To Relieve Myself From Arthritis?

You’re at risk for depression if you suffer from arthritis. This article has tips to help you deal with arthritis symptoms.

Talk with your physician before you decide to make any changes for your arthritis medication schedule. When you suddenly stop you can experience some unknown effects from the medications, while others actually have to build up in your system until they can make an effect.

Wear Worn
Don’t wear worn out shoes when you’re exercising. Your weight is not distributed evenly if you wear worn out shoes. They’ll also wreak havoc on your leg joints. If your workout shoes have uneven wear on the soles, replace them right away.

Engaging in yoga or meditation is a great way to help cope with the symptoms of arthritis. These help you to relax, which in turn reduces arthritis’ symptoms. You need to engage in yoga at least every other day, and meditation should be done at least once daily, for you to enjoy the greatest benefits.

Lay the toenail clippers on your thigh, then using the heel of one hand, press down the clippers to cut the nails on the other hand. Trimming nails this way is a breeze, and you can avoid putting any strain on your finger joints.

You can help yourself by stopping arthritis early on. One common cause of arthritis later in life is poor typing technique. Try to have your hands at the same level as your keyboard, and make sure you don’t have to lean to reach your mouse. Reducing the strain put on your wrists and fingers at your computer, especially if you spend a lot of time there, can lessen the problems of arthritis or even act as a preventative method.

Pain Killers
Narcotic pain relievers should not be the first line of treatment for arthritis pain. Pain killers can be addictive and are only a temporary treatment. In some cases, you might have received a prescription for pain killers. Talk to your doctor about how often is safe to use the medication before filling the prescription and don’t use them other than as directed.

Moist heat from a heating pad can provide temporary relief. Investing in a heating pad that gives off moist heat is something to consider if your arthritis is affecting your daily life. It is still important that you schedule an appointment to go and see your doctor to discuss your pain, however, the heating pad will assist you with pain relief for short periods of time.

Don’t try to do everything if you suffer from psoriatic arthritis. Remember that you don’t have the same amount of energy as you used to. Behaving as if they are will only make your symptoms get worse. Choose the things most dear to you and focus your thoughts and energy towards those. Do not fall into the false belief that you must do all of the activities which you once did.

It is important you never let yourself or anyone else demean your confidence. Arthritis can keep you from performing certain activities. Feeling guilty for not doing certain tasks or pressured to do tasks you don’t need to do only worsens the situation. Therefore, you must always tell yourself this isn’t your fault. Passing on specific tasks is not a good reason to knock yourself around emotionally.

Becoming more active and beginning a weight loss program can really have a positive impact on your arthritis. Issues, such as weight, can make your arthritis worse. Losing weight can sometimes alleviate the pain and discomfort of arthritis. Even the loss of a few pounds can provide you with significant relief from the symptoms of your arthritis.

Laughing is important. Joking with friends, watching funny movies or going to comedy clubs can lighten your mood tenfold and burn off some of your stress. Laughter is an excellent medicine for people who suffer from arthritis; therefore, you should use it often in order to greatly benefit from it.

The pain of arthritis will cause you to seek new ways of treating the pain and complications that come with it. Take note of where your pain lies on the scale of one to 10 before trying any new treatment. Therefore, you will be able to determine the things you were experiencing before and after undergoing a certain treatment.

While arthritis is inflammation of the joints, there are various treatments available. Urtication is an ancient remedy that may be used to help treat arthritis. If it can help you with the pain and symptoms you are feeling each day, whats the harm in trying.

Eating the right foods can help you manage your arthritis. Research indicates that in a period of only three months, people can enjoy increased vivacity and an improvement in physical functions if they eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and beans. No matter what condition you are treating, any diet that contains a large variety of fruits and vegetables will always be good for your health.

Today there are many different approaches and treatments available for people who suffer from arthritis. Although arthritis is not yet curable, new research and treatments are being discovered frequently that promise that a cure will likely be discovered some day. Until that day, do what you must to reduce its effects. There are many options to relieving pain that is associated with your arthritis that only require small changes in your life. This alone can help tremendously.

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