Alli (Orlistat 60mg 84 Tablets)


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What Kind of Drug is Alli?

Alli or Orlistat 60mg is a medication used for the treatment of weight problems, mainly obesity. Alli functions by reducing the amount of fat that is absorbed by the body from the food taken. By doing so, the drug can effectively help an individual to easily lose weight.

However, it is necessary to note that this medication should not be regarded as a magic weight loss pill. Alli is developed in order to bolster a person’s success in terms of losing extra weight.

How Much Can Alli Help in Weight Loss?

It is specified that Alli can help in losing one more pound for every 2 pounds of body weight that is lost. This drug can prevent around 25% of the fat from food from being absorbed by the body.

For individuals who are aiming to reduce their weight, following with the Alli program will allow them to obtain an additional support tool that will enable them to effectively lose weight in an easy manner.

During the duration of the program, one will be able to gain insights on new healthy habits and strategies to lose weight efficiently. This includes being able to identify and set daily calories and fat limits based on one’s present weight and day-to-day activities. Furthermore, individuals embarking on this program will also be able to determine which foods to avoid and which ones to eat.

Alli (Orlistat 60mg 84 Tablets)

How Does this Medication Work?

Alli contains an active ingredient called Orlistat. This component helps in targeting fat in the body’s digestive system. Orlistat can block 25% of unhealthy fat from being absorbed by the body.

These unwanted fats will then be eliminated from the body through an individual’s bowel movement.  Prior to taking Alli, one should be aware that a number of diet-related side effects may be experienced. In order to avoid or reduce these side effects, one should stick to a low fat diet.

Alli coupled with a low fat diet will significantly help in losing excess weight. It is indicated that for every 2 pounds lost, this medication can help lose another pound.

How Do I Take Alli?

To obtain the best results, Alli should be taken three times a day, during or about an hour after each meal.

Alli comes in capsule form and chewable form. The capsules must be swallowed whole and with water, while the chewables do not require water intake. For the chewable form of this drug, the maximum number of tablets allowed per day is three.

If a dieter following the Alli program misses a meal or takes a fat-free meal, this medication should not be taken. Furthermore, multivitamins must be consumed before bedtime in order to help the body absorb Vitamins A, E, D, and K more effectively.

Alli (Orlistat 60mg 84 Tablets) FAQ

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Side Effects

Just like other weight loss drugs, Alli (Orlistat 60mg) has a few side effects including:

  • uncontrollable bowel movement
  • increased number of bowel movement
  • fatty or oily stool
  • a dire need to have bowel movement and oily rectal discharge

Before taking the drug, make sure to carefully read the patient leaflet information to gain more knowledge of Alli.


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